Mauricio Pochettino admits uncertain Chelsea future has complicated turbulent season

The Blues boss went into detail about the situation over his future
Nizaar Kinsella1 minute ago

Mauricio Pochettino says it has been a struggle to work while in the dark over his Chelsea future. 

The Blues have won their last two matches and are in a strong position to qualify for Europe, but the manager’s position is still in doubt. 

There has been no clarification about whether the Argentine will continue beyond the last two matches of the season. 

His future will be decided in a post-season summit with Behdad Eghbali and sporting directors Laurence Stewart and Paul Winstanley. 

When asked about the situation's impact, Pochettino said: “We are so comfortable. In the way we are not comfortable is to put in doubt — like are you are talking — are going to be here or not here? 

“First, it is not my decision because if the owners are thinking to change — yes, for sure in one week [at the end of the season] we will know.

“That’s an instability with which we are comfortable working. We are going to be very strong in our efforts to help. It’s true that in the last few months, like we were talking, that question has always come up. 

“You need to kill the rumours; if that’s not true, if not, the rumour is there for a different strategy. 

He added: “If you ask, is it affecting me? It is not affecting me. Is it affecting the people working with us? I think yes because, in the end, you can kill the rumour and sack me, and that’s not a problem. It happens in a lot of clubs.”

But performances have massively improved after wins over West Ham and Tottenham, which shows that the squad have managed to put the uncertainty at the back of their mind. 

“They don’t have doubt,” he added. “The players believe in us. We have a very good relationship. 

“They don’t need anything. They are really focused. We have the respect of every single player.” He then clarified his comments, adding, “The fans and staff, yes, they need to know.”

The Blues boss has previously invited journalists to ask Chelsea’s hierarchy whether he will continue beyond this season. 

Chelsea co-owner Todd Boehly made positive comments about Mauricio Pochettino’s work this week
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He was again asked if the club could have done more to stop constant chatter about his future. 

“Maybe they are thinking that we have a contract so they do not need to clarify nothing in front of all the rumours that you are asking me about,” he continued. 

“That maybe the situation is that they are not worried about the rumours. But it’s true that there are too many rumours in the last few months. But I know this business and we are in a club that expects too much [expects a lot], [with] the history [they have] it’s not easy. 

“Yes, I accept working in this way, but it does not create bad feelings in us. We accept we are in a club that decides… all the decisions come from not only us. For us, it’s to pick the best starting XI.”