Sunny weather in London: Where to enjoy the heatwave with a barbecue

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Sunny weather in London: Where to enjoy the heatwave with a barbecue

It’s Barbie season — albeit without Ryan Gosling (unless you’re lucky)

Forget the mild inconveniences of life, like work. When the sun is here, it’s time to make the absolute most of every scorching minute there is: grab some food and drinks and barbecue until your heart's content — just don't forget the matches.

While barbecuing isn’t allowed in any of the Royal Parks, and Islington scrapped them during the pandemic and never reverted, there are still a few other spots sizzle your sausages across the capital. Here’s where.

Lincoln’s Inn Fields

As with all the parks in Camden, barbecues are permitted here, though there are a few rules: disposable and gas barbecues are banned (reusable charcoal barbecues are the only permitted option), the barbecue must be kept away from trees, and the barbecue bins must be used to dispose of all waste. Lincoln’s Inn Fields is a beautiful spot and very central (just between Holborn and Chancery Lane), so there are plenty of spots nearby for emergency supplies.

Lincoln’s Inn Fields, WC2A 3TL,

Fortune Green 

Fortune Green Park sits at the entrance to Hampstead Cemetery and is one of Camden’s many parks where barbecuing is allowed. Though Hampstead Cemetery cannot not boast as many high-profile residents as Highgate Cemetery, for any history buff it is still well worth the visit. Reusable barbecues are the only kind permitted.

Fortune Green Road, NW6 1DS,

Waterlow Park

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The beautiful Waterlow Park, down the hill from Highgate Village, is full of tree cover and ponds. Visitors are able to view Karl Marx’s grave through the metal fence at the bottom of the hill, too. In Camden, barbecues are allowed by day, but only in two designated areas in the west and south of the park, andmust be extinguished by 7pm. Disposable barbeques are not allowed. 

Waterlow Park, N6 5HG,

Paradise Park 

Barbecues were once permitted in some of Islington’s parks, but the temporary ban put in place over the pandemic was made permanent after the lockdown ended. However, Paradise Park is currently trialling hotplates, which are available to book through the EverGrill app or by scanning a QR code on the plate. These electric hotplates are hoped to remedy safety and environmental concerns that come along with traditional barbecuing practices. 

51 Lough Road, N7 8BZ,

Roundshaw Downs and Roundshaw Park

Further afield in Sutton, barbecues are permitted at Roundshaw Downs and Roundshaw Park. The expansive green is the perfect place to have a summer barbecue but, visitors must use dedicated barbecue stands and there are only two. Make sure to get to arrive early to avoid disappointment. 

35 Imperial Way, CR0 4RL,

Remember, if you’re unsure whether or not you can barbecue at a park, phone the council and check – some parks which previously allowed barbecues, such as Wandsworth Park and Fred Wells Gardens or London Fields, sadly no longer permit them.