Inside this week's ES Magazine: Storm Reid


Inside this week's ES Magazine: Storm Reid

Ben Cobb shares his editor’s letter from this week’s ES Magazine

What were you doing at 20 years old? Studying hard at college? (Not so much.) Committing daily crimes against fashion at your part-time bar job? (Maybe.) Taking a disco nap in the bass bin of a giant speaker stack in a Dockland warehouse? (No comment.)

Whatever it was, our cover star, Storm Reid, is going to make you feel like a sad underachiever. Don’t be too hard on yourself, though; she had a head start at age 10 making her movie debut in 12 Years a Slave. Not that she’s been coasting it since. So far, she’s — deep breath — starred in megahit series Euphoria as Zendaya’s baby sister, won an Emmy for her episode of The Last of Us, volunteered at food bank charities, launched a swimwear brand, got her own film production company and is about to graduate from the University of Southern California. If she wasn’t such a sweetheart, Storm Reid would be too easy to hate.

Elsewhere in this week’s issue... Lucy Siegle explains why we all need to jump into the Thames (okay, after you!), Iain Sinclair delves into the seedy past of Soho and philosophy professor Kate Abramson shows us how to spot if we’re being gaslit. Plus: the 10 best bring-your-own-bottle restaurants; Kylie Jenner talks far-out fragrance; we unveil a new series on electric cars; and Shaznay Lewis gives us her My London.

Btw: Shaznay namechecks the little Austrian restaurant Tiroler Hut as her secret place; bizarrely, Samantha Cameron did exactly the same thing in last week’s My London. It appears Tiroler Hut isn’t much of a secret any more, but they’re obviously doing something right so see you there.