Shiseido’s new moisturiser is specifically formulated for over-60s skin

Fans of the cream say it’s left them with a ‘facelift effect’ in just four weeks

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One of the most essential elements of our skincare routines is the humble moisturiser to keep our skin hydrated and leave a fresh and glowing complexion. 

Shiseido’s Vital Perfection collection in particular has a cult-like following thanks to its skin-tightening powers – and its new potent face cream may offer the most youth-boosting benefits of the lot.

The brand’s Vital Perfection Concentrated Supreme Cream is a 24-hour moisturiser that has been specifically formulated to target the needs of over-60s skin.

The way it works is that it effectively corrects skin laxity to redefine features and boost the skin’s natural radiance. It does this by combining three innovative technologies, including Sculpturist Technology to help prevent sagging, SafflowerRED to boost skin’s self-regeneration, and ReNeura Technology to help the skin’s responsiveness to anti-ageing ingredients. 

As a result, it has already garnered a loyal fan base who rave that their skin felt more lifted in just one week and that it left them with a “facelift effect” in just four weeks.

Shiseido’s new concentrated range.

An impressive 90 per cent of the women surveyed said their skin density improved after eight weeks, while 53 per cent said it gave them a more sculpted look.

The cream is suitable for all skin types, and it features a gentle fragrance of Japanese noble orchid in a rich, luxurious texture.

It is being released alongside two other new products from Shiseido, including the Vital Perfection Liftdefine Radiance Night Concentrate which further boosts the appearance of a youthful complexion. 

The new concentrate is clinically proven to correct any sagging in the jawline in just two weeks, and 95 per cent of the women surveyed said they saw visibly lifted skin in one week after they began using it.

The concentrate incorporates two powerful active ingredients: liquorice extract to support the skin’s anti-gravity system, and a trio of Ectoine, Burnet extract, and Yarrow extract to restore and prevent damage.

Shiseido has also launched its Vital Perfection Uplifting and Firming Eye Cream, designed to counteract age-related fatigue, wrinkles, dark cycles and undereye bags.

Each of the new products is dermatologist and ophthalmologist-tested and could breathe new life back into your skin.

Shiseido Vital Perfection Concentrated Supreme Cream


Formulated specifically for over-60s skin, Shiseido’s new Concentrated Supreme Cream combines Sculpturist Technology, SafflowerRED and ReNeura Technology as a three-pronged hit to help boost the skin’s youthfulness.

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