London is getting a festival dedicated to the humble sandwich

This is not a drill!
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Joanna Taylor17 hours ago

The world is in dire straits, therefore we’re well and truly granted permission to splash out on silly little things. The next silly little thing you should be splurging on? Tickets to a very niche food festival called Sarnie Party, being hosted in collaboration with Camden Town Brewery from 17-19 May.

If you hadn’t already guessed, what will be on offer is the humble sandwich jazzed-up in more than 20 different ways by some of the capital’s best chefs.

Running until 10pm on the Friday and Saturday, and until 5pm on the Sunday, for £30 each person, will receive one of the brewery’s pints and the option to choose three different sarnies designed to be enjoyed during performances by drag queens and DJs such as James George, Jacob John and Don Grizz.

As for the creations on offer, the team behind Mondo Sando will be dishing up a fish-finger sando with wasabi egg mayo, ginger pickled daikon, pea salad and sesame dressing, and Liam Barker’s Caribbean lechón cutter will see Puerto Rican-style pork and crackling, burnt onion chow chow, Dominican pickled onions, Trini garlic sauce and salad packed into a Bajan salt bread roll. Plus, former Mob star Ben Lippett’s Dr Sting’s fried bologna focaccia will feature (deep breath) crispy Mortadella, American cheese, Dijon, mayo, bread and butter pickles, hot honey, Iceberg lettuce and shoestring fries within said bread.

There’ll also be plenty of sweet options on offer, including a Happy Endings ice-cream sandwich and an extra chic PBJ by Pophams starring pecan butter and fragola grape jelly slathered on slices of squishy brioche. See you there.

17 - 19 May. Tickets £30. Camden Beer Hall, 55-59 Wilkin Street Mews, NW5 (