Kate Moss has decreed it: incense is your new luxury beauty must-have

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Kate Moss has decreed it: incense is your new luxury beauty must-have

The latest Cosmoss launch set to command a spot on your dressing table or at your yoga session? Josticks. Yes, they’re the new It beauty buy getting the luxe treatment

Cast your mind back to your teen or uni years and incense probably featured. You might have used the smell of sandalwood to lend an atmosphere of insouciance, or perhaps in an attempt to cover a multitude of sins. But josticks are having a renaissance and high-end beauty brands are on board.

Many major aromatic fragrance brands offer their signature eau de parfums in scented sticks or cones, yet it’s taken Kate Moss announcing a standalone launch of bamboo sticks in her Sacred Mist range for Cosmoss to confirm the trend.

Moss’s wellness brand has launched the signature blend as a set of luxurious incense sticks promising to release a ‘calming and soul-soothing scent’. As with the whole range of perfume and skincare products from Cosmoss, it has been created with homeopath & alchemist Victoria Young. They blend the grounding notes of Oak Moss, with rejuvenating Tuberose and Bergamot — and at £32 they’re a much more affordable route to sampling Moss’s signature scent, with the added fanfare of some whimsical smoke.

Moss also teamed up with spiritual guru Deepak Chopra on the range, who created a ‘sacred chant’ for Cosmoss. “We sent him the tea [bestselling Dawn herbal tea] and he loved it, then got in touch with us and said ‘can I be involved?’ Erm, yes please!” Moss has explained. And he’s also approved the incense sticks, as they served as the scent for his Life and Soul Longevity Retreat with RAKxa Thailand last month, where an exclusive crowd including Moss were privy to his longevity teachings.

Of course, incense hails back much further than our own misspent youths, or the free loving eras of the 1960s and 1970s that inspired us. It is literally a biblical tradition and is thought to have originated in Egypt for religious and spiritual ceremonies. Though now they’re popularly employed as part of daily wellness rituals such as meditation, intention setting or during the Shavasana stage of your at-home yoga.

Moss recommends using yours while dishing out some compliments to a friend via her Cosmoss Love Letters (a set of 150 affirmations promising to ‘brighten and enlighten’ curated by Mossy herself, of course).

It seems a natural next step in the range for the supermodel who in spite of her party era is known to be evangelical about her wellness practices. “I started meditating before I launched Cosmoss, I had crystals, and I just wanted to take it a step further and launch a line of products that actually have that base, so it’s about getting into the spiritual side of things,” she previously told the Standard of the range, which has now been out in the world for a year and a half.

If you’ve also got the crystals and the Kate Moss T-shirt, why not the incense sticks?


Cosmoss Incense Sticks, £32 for 30 (on sale April 5), cosmossbykatemoss.com

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