Kivotos — the stylish way to island hop between Mykonos and Santorini

Offering two distinct, but equally striking properties on Mykonos and Santorini, Kivotos Kivotos Hotels & Villas offers an unforgettably luxurious way to enjoy the best of Greece
Samantha Herbert17 July 2023

In 1993, the Michopoulos family redefined luxury travel in Mykonos, creating a boutique, art-filled, architectural masterpiece which quickly counted creative leaders such as Jean Paul Gaultier among its patrons.

Thirty years later and the family is making waves in hospitality again with the opening of a second property — a volcanic-inspired striking black hideaway built into the iconic white cliffs of Santorini — which means the style set can now island hop between two vastly contrasting, but equally alluring waterfront havens.

The Santorini sunset over Mavro Restaurant, Kivotos Santorini
The Santorini sunset over MAVRO Restaurant, Kivotos Hotels & Villas Santorini
Kivotos Hotels & Villas


Kivotos Hotels & Villas Mykonos sits in the beachfront town of Ornos in the south-west of the exclusive Greek island. Nestled into the harbour, the property looks out over an ever-changing rollcall of anchoring luxury yachts, and is just a short boat or car ride from many of the island’s most exclusive beach clubs, such as Scorpios, Nammos, and Psarou Beach.

An easy two-hour ferry away, Kivotos Hotels & Villas Santorini is perched high on the island’s iconic white cliffs in the peaceful north-western village of Imerovigli. The sweeping views are truly made for postcards (Instagram), taking in the world-famous hills of Fira, the azure blue of the Aegean Sea, and, directly below, the stunning castle ruins of Skaros Rock.

Deluxe Suite Sea View with Private Pool - Kivotos Mykonos
Deluxe Suite Sea View with Private Pool - Kivotos Hotels & Villas Mykonos
Kivotos Hotels & Villas


In stark contrast to one another, Kivotos Hotels & Villas Mykonos follows a classic blue and white Grecian palette, while Santorini creates a bold, black cave-like hideaway.

Both are seriously design-focused, with Mykonos centering around bright, eye-catching modern art and sculpture, while the minimalist Santorini property makes its statements through fluid structural shapes and high-tech mood lighting.

Outside, the two properties share their prominent use of glass, in the edging of their stunning waterfront restaurants and in sparkling infinity pools, creating no barriers whatsoever between diners, swimmers, sunbathers, and the breathtaking surrounding scenery.

Both ooze discreet glamour and personality, championing local materials and craftsmanship to reflect the distinct flavours of the two islands.

Kivotos Villa with private indoor pool
Kivotos Villa with private indoor pool
Kivotos Hotels & Villas

Which room?

Offering a range of stunning suites and private villas, it is clear why Kivotos Hotels & Villas is a celebrity favourite, hosting stars such as Shakira, John Legend and Calvin Klein. In both, the top-tier villas offer absolute seclusion, with private pools or hot tubs, and panoramic views without being overlooked.

Guests in Mykonos can even enjoy their own private beach, or glass-fronted pool, in some of the 43 bright and airy rooms which reflect the Cycladic architecture the island helped define.

Replacing bright and airy with sexy and inviting, the smaller Santorini property boasts 10 suite and villa options that play with texture and muted colours to create a modern, edgy vibe. Every room features somewhere to take a private dip, from hot tubs with picture-perfect sunset views to fully heated indoor pools.

Private waterfront dining at Kivotos Mykonos
Private waterfront dining at Kivotos Hotels & Villas Mykonos
Kivotos Hotels & Villas

Food & drink

With views this delicious, the Kivotos Hotels & Villas restaurants are set with a high bar to reach — and, thankfully, they exceed expectations.

Surrounded by some of the finest gourmet restaurants in the world, Kivotos Hotels & Villas Mykonos pulls out all the stops to provide its guests with exclusive private dining options including candlelit meals on the beach, or onboard the hotel’s privately owned yacht “Prince de Neufchatel”.

At Namah, the hotel’s poolside restaurant, dinner is a Mediterranean fusion showcasing the best fresh local produce and specialities. Salads and pasta dishes burst with flavour, with exquisite attention to detail and presentation elevating even simple dishes to fine dining perfection.

Drinks also flow freely, with excellent mixologists serving classic and signature cocktails to both the restaurant and the main pool’s swim-up bar.

Sitting at the highest point of the island, Kivotos Hotels & Villas Santorini’s restaurant MAVRO accompanies all evening meals with the spectacular colours of sunset, as well as the island’s famous wines. Here, chef Dimitris Katrivesis serves up an impressive tasting menu utilising local classics, such as the famed Santorini cherry tomatoes, and white eggplant, alongside mind-bendingly good dishes such as the charcoaled beetroot.

Consistently sunny from dawn to dusk due to its cliff-top location, breakfast can be enjoyed here, too, or expertly delivered to your room accompanied by a bottle of champagne for ultimate decadence.

Infinity pool area at Kivotos Mykonos
Infinity pool area at Kivotos Hotels & Villas Mykonos
Kivotos Hotels & Villas


The service across the two Kivotos Hotels & Villas properties is some of the best I’ve experienced, with smart, welcoming, and attentive staff available at any moment to assist with any want or need. Concierge services at both hotels are able to organise anything up to and including private jets and yachts for their guests.

On-site, both properties boast generous pool areas, with plush loungers and infinity pools, and extensive spa menus to help you further unwind.

Kivotos Hotels & Villas Santorini overlooking the climb to Skaros Rock
Kivotos Hotels & Villas


No visit to Mykonos would be complete without a day and/or night at one of its famed beach clubs. The days of big groups, cheap shots, and walk-ins, however, are (thankfully) over. It’s vital to book the top spots well in advance, and don’t forget your credit card as there’s a price tag attached.

Make sure to also visit the old town which is just a short taxi ride away, to peruse the narrow white-painted lanes of boutique shops, the iconic windmills, and the harbour surrounded by inviting bars and restaurants.

In Santorini, take the 15-minute walk from Kivotos Hotels & Villas down into Fira where you’ll come face to face with the caldera views which made Santorini famous. Here, you can explore scenic alleys, two spectacular cathedrals, and a huge array of lively cafés and restaurants. I’d recommend going early to avoid the tourist hordes and make it back up the hill before the sun gets too hot.

Directly under the hotel, Skaros Rock also beckons — 330m above sea level, it’s home to fascinating Venetian ruins with a climb to the top promising unbeatable views from Oia to Fira.

A trip to one of the island’s wineries is another must, with many offering vineyard tours, tastings, and food pairings.

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Stylish travellers looking to experience the distinct personalities of the best of the Greek islands.


Rooms at Kivotos Hotels & Villas Mykonos start from £340 per night. Rooms at Kivotos Hotels & Villas Santorini start from £465 per night. A 10% discount is available for guests who choose to island hop and book both.