How stealth wealth influenced the Golden Globes beauty trends

Madeleine Spencer on the four stand-out trends that prove looking moneyed isn't going away any time soon

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Margot Robbie
Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP
Madeleine Spencer8 January 2024

The Golden Globes famously sets the aesthetic tone for the rest of the awards season: which nominees will pull a dazzling dress out for the occasion; which stars will go big on bling, and which beauty themes we’re unquestionably going to be seeing a lot of in the ensuing twelve months.

That last one is perhaps the most helpful for we humans who don’t frequent awards — while Margot may wear her exquisitely-coiffed head with pinker-than-pink sequins framed with a spray of chiffon, it is more likely that we will pair an iteration of it with, well, a big woolly jumper, if you’re anything like me.

The overarching beauty vibe of this year’s Golden Globes attendees? Rich. As in the sort of grooming a rich person sports. You surely know all about this after 2023’s stealth wealth trend, but in case you missed it: picture a moneyed heiress, all buttery camel tones, all glossy hair and robustly healthy skin. The smell accompanying them, if you’d care to imagine it, is freshly-showered, with a hint of perfume (expensive, naturally, and probably by Tom Ford) worn on the skin so as not to overwhelm. 

Fortunately, the subtle art of looking rich should you wish to try it isn’t solely the preserve of 1%. Here are your top Golden Globe trends — and how to mimic them without an army of help/an impressive bank balance:

Jennifer Lawrence
Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

Glossy, relaxed hair

It is terrifically healthy, it is highlighted subtly, it is, in short, a triumph of regular maintenance. The best examples of this from last night: Margot Robbie, Dua Lipa, and Jennifer Lawrence. In all honestly, you can’t achieve this overnight because of that maintenance that's necessary if you want super-sheeny hair. You can, however, pay it forward by doing three things: adding a hair mask, dialling down the heat on any styling tools you use, and remembering to be gentle with your hair while brushing and styling.

Carey Mulligan
Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

The power bob

The flip side of the coin: hair chopped between collarbone and ear, angularly. Pretty much everyone who wasn’t wearing their hair in the aforementioned long and loose fashion went for this, including Emma Stone, Jennifer Aniston, Carey Mulligan, Cailee Spaeny, and America Ferrera. Good hairdresser aside (Hershesons and George Northwood are very reliable for this style), you want to made sure the hair sits neatly. A hair oil is a good idea for this purpose — just apply the tiniest bit to the ends to keep them slick and shiny.

Taylor Swift
AFP via Getty Images

Nude lips

The usual red carpet boldness of red and fuchsia lips was but a distant memory, with many incarnations of nude taking its place and making us all think once more of the signature flesh-toned hues of which so much was made in Succession. Most notable nude lips: Selena Gomez, Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift, and Skai Jackson, all of whom made it their own by choosing skin-flattering shades. The rule here? If you look peaky, go pinker — and check the colour works both in indoor and outdoor lighting.

Rosamund Pike
Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

Skin make-up

By this, I mean skin being, of course, lustrous and luminous — but also it being the main event. Look at Emily Blunt, Meryl Streep, and Greta Lee. Even Rosmund Pike, behind that magnificent lace veil. Sure, they’re wearing make-up, sure, there is shadow and mascara and maybe even a little liner — but the key is the skin. Sadly, to sport this sort of skin daily you will need to put in the work — all this ‘rich person’ stuff requires it. You know the drill: good skincare, adequate hydration, a healthy diet, and minimal wine and cigarettes. For a quicker pay off to mimic this, get your hands on a highlighter. The most understated one: Victoria Beckham Reflect Highlighter Stick. For more of a pronounced effect: Rare Beauty Positive Light Liquid Luminizer.