Best vegan condiments - from mayos to salad dressings

There’s plant-based options aplenty

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Only Plant Based
Samantha Herbert14 March 2022
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Gone are the days when being vegan means salads with no dressing, veggie burgers with no sauces or chips with no dip.

The world of vegan condiments is now bursting with fantastic new products, full of exciting flavours to level up any meal.

With innovation in worcester sauce and bacon mayo to name but a few, there’s almost nothing out of bounds for those eating plant-based.

From moreish mayos and oozing cheese sauces, to flavoursome pestos and decadent dressings, we tried and tested the best vegan condiments on the market.

The Vurger Co Smoky Bacon Mayo

The Vurger Co

Amazing in its similarity in texture and creaminess to regular mayonnaise, The Vurger Co’s Smoky Bacon Mayo is next-level good. I could eat this stuff by the spoonful. Rich, indulgent, but never overpowering, this is a perfect accompaniment to any burger, hot dog or vegan ‘wing’.

Equally as impressive is the company’s Cheeze sauce. This is truly delicious straight from the jar, but comes into its own when warm - poured over nachos and oven cooked. So thick, melty and decadent is the sauce, while also being dairy free, gluten free, nut free and soy free - but you’d never guess.

Buy now£2.95, Ocado

Biona Organic Worcester Sauce


A new twist on an old classic, Biona Organic Worcester Sauce finally brings a kitchen cupboard staple to vegans (did you know the original contained anchovies?).

Packed full of flavour with a tang of BBQ and a spicy vinegar kick, this sauce transcends the strongest of cheeses on toast, and adds a brilliant extra note dashed in a shepherd’s pie. This sauce is revolutionary.

Buy now£3.69, Waitrose

Barries Rosemary and Thyme Mayo


The creamy goodness of Barries Rosemary and Thyme Mayo blew me away. Combining all the flavours of a perfect roast in a velvety smooth dip, this paired with chips or a salty crisps is a must.

Adapted from a long-held family recipe, Barries mayo is uniquely free from any stabilisers, preservatives, or additives.

With a huge range of fantastic flavours available, including Smoked Paprika, Miso and Sesame and a fiery Scotch Bonnet, there’s also the option to buy eco-friendly refill pouches which makes loading up on several jars guilt-free, environmentally-speaking.

Buy now£3.50, Barries

Heinz Vegan Salad Cream


The best vegan salad cream I’ve come across. Heinz has truly outdone themselves with this bottle, bringing a long-missed favourite back to vegans around the country. Smooth, vinegary and indistinguishable from the standard version, this one is a game-changer.

Buy now£2.89, Tesco

Sacla Free From Basil Pesto


A store cupboard essential, Sacla’s Free From Basil Pesto has been a staple in my house for many years. One of the first to provide high-quality green pesto that is free of parmesan on the high street, Sacla’s ever-growing range of vegan sauces offer quick, easy and flavoursome dinner options.

I’d challenge anyone to taste the difference between the free from and standard basil pesto, and would highly recommend the handy jarred pasta sauce including the decadent Vegan Carbonara.

Buy now£2.80, Sainsbury's

Bonsan Organic Mylk Hazelnut Cocoa Spread


On toast, on pancakes, or straight from the jar - Bonsan’s Mylk Hazelnut Cocoa Spread is rich, indulgent and utterly irresistible. Complete with tiny flecks of organic hazelnut, the texture is what sets this above the rest.

Completely free from palm oil, those sweet, nutty spoons from the jar help you do your bit for the rainforest.

Buy now£4.49, The Vegan Kind

Plant Based Artisan Honea


Naturally sweet and aromatic, Plant Based Artisan’s Honea is a perfect bee-friendly alternative to honey. A gorgeous amber in colour, honea adds a fantastic sweetness to tea, as well as pairing wonderfully with a strong vegan cheese. It’s also packed with prebiotics, and entirely palm oil free.

Buy now£4.99, Vegan Kind Supermarket

Only Plant Based! Chipotle Mayo

Only Plant Based

Smooth and creamy with a smoky chipotle kick, Only Plant Based’s Chipotle Mayo gives a brilliant burst of flavour. Wheat free, gluten free and dairy free, it’s suitable for all, and compliments any meal. From burgers and hot dogs, to topping nachos, it can be used hot or cold and adds a perfect layer of spice without overpowering.

£6.99 for a 3 pack.

Buy now£2.33, Amazon

Citizens of Soil Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Citizens of Soil

Fresh and full of flavour, Citizens of Soil Extra Virgin Olive Oil tastes luxurious and is perfectly served just with bread to fully appreciate the depth of flavour. This single estate, small-batch Greek oil comes from the 2021 harvest of 100 per cent Lianolia olives grown on limestone hills, and the sunshine sings through. After buying your first bottle, refills are available in eco-friendly pouches, saving on packaging waste  and postage.

Buy now£17.50, Selfridges

Plant Pioneers Vegan Caesar Dressing

Plant Pioneers

Packed with garlic, worcester sauce, and nutritional yeast, the Plant Pioneers Vegan Caesar Dressing sacrifices nothing in flavour. Creamy, and not at all oily, the texture of this classic is also spot on, lifting any salad or veg dish to new heights. Just one of Sainsbury’s brilliant Plant Pioneers range, this offers fantastic value for money and brilliant high-street convenience.

Buy now£1.20, Sainsbury’s

Leon Burger Sauce


Leon’s burger sauce is deliciously distinctive, packed with dill and American-style mustard. It brings a bold flavour to any burger, and is just as tasty used as a dip. Naturally vegan, the sauce has a brilliant tang which sets it above the rest.

Buy now£2.50, Sainsbury's

Mr Organic Tomato Ketchup

Mr Organic

Organic and natural, only the juiciest Italian sun-ripened tomatoes go into Mr Organic Tomato Ketchup. Not too sweet, it adds a rich, untainted mediterranean taste to any meal. The sauce is also gluten free, and is delivered in BPA Free Packaging with Zero Air Miles.

Mr Organic provide a huge range of naturally great vegan products including sauces, pestos, and chocolate spreads.

Buy now£2.50, Ocado


For its depth of flavour and absolute morisheness, my top pick has to be The Vurger Co’s Smoky Bacon Mayo. Creamy and fresh with an undeniable burst of bacon, this mayo raises the game of any meal. Whether dunking, slathering, spreading, or eating by the spoon, this is an absolute new fridge staple.