Best Playmobil sets to buy for children in 2024

World-building toy sets that spark imaginative play

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Saskia Kemsley1 minute ago
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The most powerful tool that children have is their imagination. It can whisk them away to untold lands filled to the brim with fairy-tale creatures and magical quests, transforming a playroom into an enchanted forest or a sandbox into the surface of the moon.

Studies have shown that encouraging our little ones to make use of their inherently imaginative natures through play helps them to build critical thinking skills, incorporate expressive language into their vocabulary, improve social skills and help to manage emotions.

According to Scholastic, young children learn by imagining and doing. Pretend play provides a myriad of problems for your child to solve, whether they be physical obstacles or scenarios which require them to tap into their emotional side.

In imagining a world where they’re aboard a pirate ship on a mission to save an island, they’ll create scenarios such as tidal waves and snapping crocodiles which require surmounting. For instance, your little one might order their first mate to change the direction of the ship’s sails while encouraging their imaginary crew to keep going.

It’s endlessly surprising what our little ones have picked up on in such a short time being earth-side. They’ll impress you with high-level vocabulary and analytical skills when given the opportunity, you just need a catalyst for imaginative play.

While this could be anything from a cardboard box to a blanket worn as a cape, Playmobil has created a number of wonderfully adventurous playsets over the years to spark creativity in your child.

Though Playmobil has a variety of sets of a more mythical variety, what makes their iconic toys so invaluable for growing kids is that they are rooted in very real experiences and careers. From speedy ambulances complete with paramedics, to barnyards filled with practical tools for animal care, the choices are endless.

We’ve curated a selection of the best Playmobil sets to buy for children in 2024. Keep scrolling to keep playing.

Playmobil 6927 Country Pony Farm


Introduce your little one to the bucolic paradise that is Playmobil’s Country Pony Farm. It comes with three delightful smiling figures, three horses, two lockable stables, a flexible fence and a variety of brilliant accessories to help care for your farmyard friends.

Buy now£48.35, Amazon

Playmobil 71239 Country Picnic Outing with Horses


A value-for-money option which can also be purchased to build on a burgeoning Playmobil Country set, the Picnic Outing with Horses set features three riders and their respective horses. It also comes with a lovely black and white dog and plenty of picnic accessories.

Buy now£21, Argos

Playmobil 5386 History Pharaoh's Pyramid with Hidden Tombs and Traps


Encourage your child to explore their fascination with all things ancient Egypt through the Playmobil History Pharaoh’s Pyramid play set. They’ll be play-acting as a regular Indiana Jones in no time for the pyramid set is complete with hidden tombs, traps and treasures.

Buy now£58.99, Amazon

Playmobil 6887 Summer Fun Camping Lodge


Invest in a gorgeous A-frame Camping Lodge set from Playmobil and enjoy summer all year long. Described as the ultimate adventure retreat, the lodge encourages children to start their days off using the bathroom and shower, before building up their energy with delicious food from the canteen and embarking on the many adventures that summer camp has to offer.

This set even includes a functional zip line and can be combined with additional campsite collections.

Buy now£64.03, Amazon

Playmobil 70088 Family Fun Camper Van


Whether incorporated into your full camping set or taken on the go, the Playmobil Family Fun Camper Van offers a wealth of imaginative and interactive opportunities. The vehicle itself is completely playable thanks to the removable roof and side wall, while the set includes an array of camping accoutrements as well as family figurines.

Buy now£45, Amazon

Playmobil Ghostbusters 9219 Firehouse


Who you gonna call? Playmobil’s Ghostbusters Firehouse is a brilliant way to get adults involved in playtime. How could we resist getting in on the proton pack, ghost-destroying fun? This set includes the Ghostbusters characters Ray Stantz and Egon Spengler and comes with Janine Melnitz, Louis Tully and the Library Ghost. Rest assured, the proton packs are included.

Playmobil 71232 City Action Ambulance with Sound and Lights


The Playmobil City Action Ambulance features working lights and sirens to signify when your little one’s paramedic crew is rushing into action. Other realistic features include rear doors and a roof which both open, detailed doctors’ accessories, a transport stretcher and more.

Buy now£25, The Entertainer

Playmobil 70220 Novelmore Knights Grand Castle


One of the most extravagant Playmobil sets of them all, the Novelmore Knights Grand Castle will allow your child to explore the world of mythical beasts and noble soldiers. The castle features a fantastic breakthrough wall for making speedy escapes, as well as a secret cell to house intruders. Crossbows and rotating cannons keep enemies at bay, while the adjustable goods lift ensures your kingdom is always in good supply.

Buy now£199.99, Hamleys