Best natural eye creams that use organic ingredients

Protect your peepers with plant-powered products

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Ellie Davis29 November 2023
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Have you ever noticed that after a night on the tiles or when you’re stressed, it’s always your eyes that give the game away?

This area is also the first to show signs of ageing and there’s a reason for that.

The skin is delicate as it’s ten times thinner than the rest of the face with less fat underneath it.

Therefore, when selecting a cream to treat your peepers, it is important to steer clear of ingredients that will overload and feel too harsh on the fragile periorbital area. Dr Dev Patel, Advanced Aesthetics Doctor and Founder of CellDerma, stresses explains “The skin is more susceptible to hypersensitivity from certain ingredients. For example, traditional retinoids (vitamin A derivatives) such as retinol, need to be used in a much lower concentration if applied to the eye area”.

This is why a typical face moisturiser may not be suitable and a specific eye cream or serum is more effective. Dr Patel says, “Eye creams can improve the appearance of the skin around the eyes, successfully targeting key signs of ageing, from dark circles to lines and wrinkles. As well as this, eye creams can reduce puffiness, improve skin texture, and help support the fragile skin around your eyes”.

Natural eye creams provide a mild and gentle solution that will brighten tired eyes, soothe irritation, nourish dryness and revitalise to diminish signs of ageing.

What are natural eye creams?

Dr Patel explains that ‘natural’ is not consistently defined. “The term "natural" in skincare can be subjective”, he reveals. “Not all products labelled as "natural" are entirely free of colours, fragrances, and unnecessary preservatives”. So this is something to look out for.

Do natural eye creams work?

According to Dr Patel “Natural ingredients can be very effective, but how the final formula is put together is critical to the delivery of those ingredients to their target and whether they will actually do anything”.

He adds, “My recommendation would be to opt for a clinically effective brand that has a strong ethos for clean science”.

Can you use olive oil around the eyes?

“Olive oil has been used as a skin hydrator for centuries”, says Dr Patel. “Hydrated skin means healthier skin, so this is likely to be beneficial. Some studies have also shown stimulation of skin cells called fibroblasts (which make proteins such as collagen) when exposed to the phenolic compounds in Extra Virgin Olive Oil”.

But, and it’s a big one, he advises people to be “cautious with the use of oils near the eyelashes. It could block gland ducts which could lead to styes or other eye conditions”.

Stick to the likes of apricot kernel oil, jojoba seed oil and plant-derived squalene, he says “because they can mimic our skin’s natural oils and help your skin look more vibrant”.

What ingredients you should avoid in a natural eye cream?

“Be cautious with acids like glycolic and retinol more than 0.3 per cent (or switch to more advanced vitamin A formulas such as Retin-ACE which has a higher potency than retinol but without the expected side effects)”, he suggests. “Avoid products with fragrance, essential oils, and other common sensitisers such as sodium metabisulphite as well as harsh surfactants like sodium laureth sulphate”.

Shop the best natural eye creams below

Tata Harper Restorative Eye Creme

Tata Harper

This eye cream from Tata Harper is every bit a luxury experience – and it has a luxury price tag to match. The Restorative Eye Cream is packed full of high-performance ingredients, which are botanical-based. The Vermot-based brand harnesses the power of calendula, rose, date, mango and chamomile and no nasties like fillers or toxins. These work to counteract the appearance of fine lines and dark circles and brighten, while nourishing the delicate eye area. It’s also refillable.

Buy now£113, Selfridges

Caudalie Vinoperfect Brightening Eye Cream


For bright eyes, look to Caudalie and its cult Vinoperfect Brightening Eye Cream.

The formula tackles dark circles and any form of pigmentation with an illuminating effect that is enhanced by the cooling applicator that is immediately soothing for tired peepers. The formula is fragrance-free and is made up of Viniferine, a patented ingredient that is derived from vine sap and is responsible for the reduction in the look of vascular and pigmentary circles.

This is set alongside soothing niacinamide and naturally derived caffeine to counteract puffiness.

Buy now£30, Cult Beauty

Ren Clean Skincare Radiance Brightening Dark Circle Eye Cream

Ren Clean Skincare

All too often eye products have a heavy texture that seeps into your eyes with painful consequences but not Ren. The clean skincare label offers this nourishing formula that has a lovely light consistency that won’t cause unpleasant eye stinging. Use during the morning or at night to smooth out skin and minimise the look of dark circles.

Buy now£44, lookfantastic

Weleda Wild Rose Smoothing Eye Cream


Weleda is a brand known and loved for its nature-powered line-up and this eye cream is a gem in the brand’s all-certified natural and organic skincare with wild rose at its heart. This fatty acid-rich ingredient is chosen for its revitalising effect on the periorbital area, diminishing visible signs of ageing like wrinkles and puffiness. There is also peach kernel oil and sweet almond oil in the formula that support the skin’s natural barrier and have healing qualities.

Buy now£25.95, Naturisimo

de Mamiel Essential Eye Fix

de Mamiel

In her eponymous range, Annee de Mamiel brings together Western and traditional Chinese medicine with aromatherapy to counteract the physical effect of stress. When the body produces the stress hormone cortisol, it reduces the skin’s elasticity and fine lines occur. The Essential Eye Fix is designed to help with a rollerball applicator that encourages the absorption of potent natural and organic ingredients. The process alone is soothing but the oil-serum that is released improves smoothness, promotes collagen production and is firming and plumping with the combination of bakuchiol, prickly pear extract, tuberose, cornflower, green coffee and arnica.

Buy now£95, Cult Beauty

Pai Feather Canyon Restoring Eye Cream


Pai is designed specifically for those with sensitivities - so you can be sure that its eye cream is free from any nasties that may trigger a reaction. Instead, in the Feather Canyon Restoring Eye Cream, you will find a fatty acid-rich concoction of echium set alongside hydrating and plumping hyaluronic acid to create a formula that is highly nourishing yet still lightweight.

Buy now£34, lookfantastic

Indie Lee Restorative Eye Cream

Indie Lee

While it is housed in minimalistic packaging, don’t underestimate the power of the Indie Lee Restorative Eye Cream formula. It has been clinically proven to provide immediate results and that is down to the inclusion of tiger grass and apple stem cells with paracress extract which are supercharged anti-ageing ingredients that leave a youthful complexion in their wake. This is especially true when paired with seaweed extract and licorice root as it is in this combination that are brightening and plumping to banish the signs of a sleepless night.

Buy now£63, Naturisimo

Emma Lewisham Skin Reset Eye Cream

Emma Lewisham

Emma Lewisham is a natural and conscious skincare label that is rooted in science. While the ingredients may steer towards the natural, they are chosen very tactically based on proven results. The Skin Reset Eye Cream uses a delivery system known as CoQ10 which encourages better absorption so that the moisture reaches the deeper layers of the skin’s epidermis. What is delivered is a cocktail of 18 active ingredients that are rich in antioxidants, boost collagen production and are hydrating in order to lift and firm, while remaining delicate to your precious peepers.

Buy now£72, Naturisimo

UpCircle Eye Cream With Coffee And Hyaluronic Acid


The UpCircle eye cream is not only natural but sustainable too. The main ingredient is coffee oil which is sourced from repurposed grounds and maple extract, a by-product of the wood industry. Not only are these components counteracting waste but they have a revitalising and calming function respectively that is a treat to tired eyes. There is also hydrating hyaluronic acid and soothing cucumber and chamomile extract to up the moisture levels and calm irritation, while remaining entirely vegan and cruelty-free. The formula is also dermatologically approved and made in the UK.

Buy now Amazon

Ere Perez Cranberry Lip Eye Butter

Ere Perez

Ere Perez arrived on UK soil from Down Under but incorporates the founder’s Mexico heritage with antioxidant-rich natural products that extend to makeup as well as skincare. The ingredient lists sound so good you’ll want to eat them but better keep them on the skin where they belong. This balm is a multipurpose product that is designed for both the lips and eyes, bringing moisturise in spades with ingredients like shea butter, cranberry fruit and cucumber. You will also find lactic acid, an AHA that gently buffs the skin to encourage regeneration.

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