Best CBD beauty products to ease menopausal symptoms

The buzzy beauty ingredient is an ideal foil for hormonal issues, be it irritated skin, broken sleep or achy muscles

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Caroline Brien15 September 2023
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Boasting impressive anti-ageing, nourishing, muscle-easing and anti-inflammatory powers, cannabis-based beauty has gone mainstream.

From skincare and bath formulas to body balms and pillow mists, CBD – or cannabidiol, the non-psychoactive part of the cannabis sativa plant - no longer raises eyebrows and instead feels as common an ingredient as other recent regulars such as hyaluronic acid.

Extracted well and blended thoughtfully with other symbiotic ingredients, CBD can tackle a host of issues that happen to feature frequently on the list of bugbears for women during perimenopause and menopause. For example, cannibidiol is renowned for easing inflammation in the skin, and hormonal fluctuations can exacerbate inflammatory issues such as rosacea and eczema.

Aching muscles and joint pain often accompany the menopause period; studies indicate that CBD balms can help ease pain by telling the body to stop feeling it. And as the lipids in the skin barrier decrease during menopause, dehydration becomes a problem that can be eased by the highly nourishing qualities of CBD.

While CBD isn’t being marketed specifically for this period of hormonal shifts, it can help manage symptoms according to anecdotal evidence and some preliminary scientific trials. “I am very confident we will see further research into using CBD for menopausal and post-menopausal disorders,” enthuses Dr Parveen Bhatarah PhD, Fellow of The Royal Society of Chemistry and leading industry advisor on cannabinoids. “Early indications from pre-clinical data look very encouraging. Studies and clinical trials are exploring the common report that CBD can reduce anxiety, while studies suggest that CBD may help with both falling asleep and staying asleep in those with insomnia. Clinical studies and self-reports suggest that CBD may also help with chronic pain and may inhibit inflammatory and neuropathic pain, which are difficult to treat.”

So matching a hormonal issue to a cannabis-based product that offers wider benefits seems like a smart choice.

Here’s our pick of the best CBD beauty to help ease menopausal symptoms.

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Nature’s Journey Sleep Easy Pillow Mist

Nature’s Journey

While many pillow sprays lean heavily on the proven therapeutic benefits of lavender when it comes to aiding sleep, blends that choose from the other wonderful essential oils and plant extracts known to help calm and ease the mind are great choice for those who aren’t such a fan of the flower’s aroma (me included).

As restless and broken sleep are amongst the main issues for those going through perimenopause and menopause, a spritz of this rosewood, ylang ylang, chamomile and lavender mist across pillows just before bedtime will envelop you in a warm, comforting, gently floral cloud. Added premium quality CBD helps bolster the anti-anxiety and mood-boosting benefits further for a better night’s rest.

Buy now£18, Nature’s Journey

Mission C Retinol + CBD Moisturiser

Mission C

As skin-plumping collagen levels take a sharp nosedive during the menopausal period, boosting its production in the skin should be a priority to help stave off lines, wrinkles and uneven texture. Dryness and inflammation are often an issue too, making the infusion of an organically grown CBD isolate into this retinol-rich cream ensure that it has soothing and super-hydrating qualities as it smoothes and restores bounce.

With a light, velvety feel that won’t leave behind any residue as it absorbs, vitamins C and E plus green tea also add antioxidant protection. Despite including retinol (usually a no-no in the sunshine), this cream has been formulated to be used day and night – just remember to apply your daily sunscreen afterwards.

Buy now£50, Mission C

This Works CBD Stress Check Body Cocoon

This Works

Set aside a moment of serenity and indulge in a spot of skin care. This Works’ naturally stress-busting body lotion is packed with CBD, shea butter, neroli and lavender essential oils to name a few, which all help to revitalise the skin and soothe the mind.

Buy now£25, Amazon

KLORIS Menopause Support Patches


Menopause comes with a bevy of nasty side effects, from night sweats to hot flushes, brain fog and muscle aches - which is why women need all the help they can get to ease their symptoms.

KLORIS’ Menopause Support Patches are discrete patches that can be worn daily that offer a slow release of botanical active ingredients including Gotu Kola (combats stress and anxiety), Damiana (enhances sexual health), Black Cohosh (reduces hot flushes), and Valerian (improves sleep), among others.

Each pack offers 30 days of patches for £30, and you can get a subscription so they arrive right at your door just when you need them.

Buy now£30, KLORIS

Westlab Mindful Bathing Salts


A soak in the tub can be a surefire way to ease aching muscles, calm anxiety and improve sleep – all common symptoms during perimenopause and menopause. All the beautiful ingredients in these bath salts serve to boost these benefits even more. The blend of Epsom and Himalayan salts are renowned for softening tension in the limbs and shoulders as well as soothing red, irritated skin.

The delicate scent from balancing bergamot and frankincense essential oils, plus the calming, nourishing CBD oil also help body and mind feel fantastically calm. The salts dissolve easily and quickly – you won’t find yourself sitting on gritty bits at the bottom of the bath – and after a few minutes there’s a blissful, floaty feeling that lasts long after you’ve dried off.

Buy now£3.75, Holland & Barrett

Manuka Pharm CBD Intense Rub Ease Gel

Manuka Pharm

Whether it’s shoulders, legs or abdomen, a little of this silky gel gently massaged into tight, sore, menopausal muscles will quickly help ease tension. The gentle heating effect the formulas imparts when applied to skin comes from vanillyl butyl ether, a warming ingredient that wont irritate but has a lasting relaxation effect on the muscles, while manuka honey not only gives the gel a satin finish but also acts as a humectant, softening and nourishing skin.

A combination of hemp extract and pure CBD isolate work together to give concentrated anti-inflammatory benefits, taking the ache out of sore muscles. Arnica too contains chemicals that can inhibit a ‘pain’ protein and add to the anti-inflammatory effect. Delicately scented and with no stickiness, keep this tube handy for a fast muscle ache fix.

Buy now£10.54, Amazon

Dreem Distillery Moonlit CBD Sleep Mask

Dreem Distillery

A double whammy of skin and mind-calming goodness from a range devoted to using CBD to help achieve a better night’s sleep. Surprisingly light for an overnight treatment mask, apply a layer of the delicious cream 15 minutes before bed and massage in any excess just before your head hits the pillow.

Overnight, willow bark and kaolin clay will address hormonal breakouts, while bakuchiol smoothes texture and targets wrinkles. The ‘Dreem Complex’ used throughout the line-up and formulated from broad spectrum CBD, arnica, juniper and lavender not only tackles tension thanks to the scent, but also works hard to address inflammation in the skin. Next morning, expect your complexion to look and feel plumper, fresher and more luminous.

Buy now£55, Dreem Distillery

Elixinol Bath Oil


When hormonal skin is itching or inflamed and your mood is low or anxious, elevate a soak in the tub into therapeutic time out with a dash of this CBD-infused bath oil. Drop a pipette-ful under running water and if any oil sits on the surface, give it a swoosh around to disperse. A warm, cocooning aroma from the blend of bergamot, cedarwood and juniper oils will fill the bathroom, helping to relax and rebalance the mind.

For skin, the carrier base of grapeseed oil, enriched with cannabis sativa seed oil, is packed with softening, soothing and reparative vitamin E, fatty acids and antioxidants that will ease any irritation while deeply nourishing and leaving skin with a silky finish. No need to moisturise afterwards.

Buy now£39.99, Elixinol

Skin Bureaux Rescue & Relieve Probiotic Anti-Inflammatory Moisturiser

Skin Bureaux

Innovated by leading British aesthetic practitioners Dr Charlotte Woodward and Dr Victoria Manning, the five-strong Skin Bureaux collection is based around the powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and reparative benefits of using CBD and CBG (its more potent precursor) together.

Ideal for calming menopausal complexions that are reacting angrily, this sumptuous gel-lotion will soothe redness, irritation and breakouts, while hyaluronic acid B vitamins deliver comforting hydration and a mix of probiotics and adaptogens help bring skin back to a healthy balance. Created to be used any time – and anywhere – it’s needed, the formula sinks in fast and is the perfect base for make-up too.

Buy now£140, Skin Bureaux

Mantle The Treat


Cooling, calming and soothing, this light-as-air serum is an ideal antidote when menopausal skin is acting out via redness and breakouts. Designed to be applied under serum or moisturiser, the formula uses cold pressed, organic cannabis extract CBD for its ability to defend the skin’s protective barrier and restore balance, whilst the other key ingredient, azelaic acid, gently exfoliates to help stave of blemishes while fighting irritation and pigmentation patches.

A fermented red resin, known as dragon’s blood, has been added to further quell reactivity and inflammation. Instantly absorbed and fast working, this serum will become a best friend for tackling hormonal flushes and breakouts.

Buy now£47, Mantle

Juana Cooling Gel for Muscle Relief


If swelling is accompanying aching or fatigued muscles during menopause, a cooling formula can provide refreshing relief and this one works wonders in a flash. The hero ingredients are arnica and CBD. Used in synergy, they have a powerful anti-inflammatory effect, as well as working on the body’s own healing systems to act almost like a painkiller.

Wintergreen, pine and rosemary oils give an instant refreshing feel to the skin and infuse the thick gel with a medicinal aroma that swiftly fades to a fresher menthol scent. Quickly absorbed with no sticky residue, swollen, achy ankles in particular will thank you every time you apply this, especially when fresh from the fridge.

Buy now£72, Juana


CBD is proving particularly beneficial when it comes to sleep issues – one of the most frequently cited issues during perimenopause and menopause. This makes cannabidiol-infused pillow mists a go-to as inhalation means therapeutic scent molecules are immediately absorbed by the lungs, providing the fastest response time.

Nature’s Journey Sleep Easy Pillow Mist is a blissful and well-balanced blend of rosewood, ylang ylang, chamomile and lavender that works quickly to ease a restless or anxious mind into a peaceful, soporific state. Simply spray liberally over bed linen and around the room (I pop it onto my PJ top too) and drift off. At 30ml in a bottle, it’s also the perfect-sized travel companion when you aren’t sleeping in your own bed and want extra comfort from the continuity.