Best beard oils for men from John Lewis, Aesop and more

From promoting health to taming flyaways, these are a grooming essential

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Peter Bevan23 April 2024
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If you’ve landed on this page, chances are you’re currently sporting some facial hair.

Maybe you’re tending to a soul patch or perhaps you’ve moved to east London and need the beard to match your bike, beanie and oat milk flat white. Either way, beard oil is an investment that will help you along your stubble-growing journey.

First and foremost, hair oils are packed with nutrients and vitamins so it’s a quick and effective way of delivering goodness to your strands – facial or otherwise. So, if you commit to using one on your beard daily, you’ll reap benefits from the nourishing and moisturising ingredients. 

“Generally, you'll want to pay close attention to how clean the ingredients are,” says Ben Vowles, one of the experts at luxury barbershop Murdock London. “If you're putting artificial substances on your face, irritation is almost inevitable so look out for natural extracts such as jojoba oil instead.”

You could choose hydrating argan oil, calming almond oil or anti-inflammatory eucalyptus extract – or all three if you opt for Gruum’s Leif Beard Oil. Or, if you’re prone to dryness and could be at risk of the dreaded ‘beardruff’ (beard dandruff), look out for those with exfoliating ingredients like salicylic acid to keep the flaky skin at bay.

Why use beard oil?

The benefits go beyond condition alone. Oil will also act as a styling agent to tame uncooperative flyaways and deliver some shape, not to mention making it look fuller and fresher and bring a healthy shine à la Chris Hemsworth. Better yet, they’re usually infused with essential oils which will keep it smelling delightful as well. 

What’s the best way to apply beard oil?

We’ve got Vowles’ top tips: “It's a treatment rather than a daily moisturiser so it’s important to avoid using it too much. Apply a few pumps two to three times a week to a clean beard. Apply before bed for maximum absorption and be sure to work it through evenly”.

Without further ado, keep scrolling for the best.

Horace Lemon & Mint Beard Oil 30ml


For grooming staples that don’t cost the earth, Horace is your best bet – and the beard oil is not to be missed. Made with 99 per cent natural ingredients, this formula will nourish your beard as well as your skin without leaving any greasy residue, and the fresh lemon and mint aroma will get you ready for the summer season ahead.

If you prefer a more masculine fragrance, there’s tobacco & vanilla or patchouli & cedar to choose from too.

Buy now£13, Horace

Murdock London Beard Oil 50ml

John Lewis

Maybe you’ve spotted one of Murdock London’s barbershops in Soho or Covent Garden or perhaps you’ve seen its range on the shelves in John Lewis – either way, it’s a go-to for all things grooming. A 100 per cent natural formula, this oil is packed with vitamins and nutrients and is designed to be easily absorbed for super quick hydration and nourishment.

It will remove any signs of dryness and instead leave your hair feeling refreshed and hydrated. The easy-application pump bottle makes it best suited for guys on the go.

Buy now£20.50, John Lewis

Aesop Shine Hair & Beard Oil 25ml


A brand we’re sure needs no introduction, Aesop is an expert Australian bodycare label that’s now a global favourite. From the hand cleanser to the face oil, we’re yet to try a product we don’t like – this oil included.

A silicone-free blend of fatty acids and natural seeds, just two or three drops of this lightweight formula will give your facial hair a smooth, shiny finish like no other. As is the brand’s signature, the aromatic scent will keep you coming back for more.

Buy now£27, Aesop

Davines Pasta & Love Pre-Shaving And Beard Oil 50ml


Founded in Parma in 1983 as a research lab for a host of high-end haircare brands, it’s no wonder Davines knows how to create products that work time and time again. Pasta & Love is the Italian hair expert’s range of grooming essentials that includes cleansers, styling products, moisturisers and, of course, this oil.

Though it’s great for nourishing and moisturising big bushy beards, it also works as a pre-shave treatment to soften stubble before it gets the chop. Our top tip? Use it in the AM to let the fresh citrus fragrance kick start your day.

Buy now£23.25, Cult Beauty

Tom Ford Oud Wood Conditioning Beard Oil 30ml

Tom Ford

From his luxury range of fragrances to his starry runway shows season after season, it seems there’s nothing Tom Ford can’t do. The good news? The purveyor of all things luxury offers beard oil too. Enriched with almond jojoba and grapeseed oils as well as vitamin E, it’s a deeply conditioning formula which will leave your beard feeling soft and strong. And, as you’d expect, it smells divine.

Buy now£48, Harvey Nichols

Larry King Hair Spoilt For Choice Hair Oil 30ml

Larry King

Though Larry King’s Spoilt For Choice is marketed as a general hair oil, it’s a versatile formula that works for your beard too. A balanced blend of rosemary oil, jojoba oil and squalane, not only will it leave your whiskers in great condition but it will also smooth and tame flyaways and help you to style and shape them into position.

Once you’ve done your facial fuzz, you can use it as a hair mask or style finisher on your locks too. Tripe the uses, triple the fun.

Buy now£28, Cult Beauty

Grüum leif Beard Oil 50ml


If you like a no-nonsense approach to grooming, let us introduce you to British personal-care brand Grüum. From the minimal packaging to the effective formulations, not to mention the affordable prices, its collections are full of bathroom cabinet staples.

Thanks to its blend of hydrating argan oil, antibacterial jojoba oil, calming almond oil and anti-inflammatory eucalyptus, this oil is one of them. If you like it, you can save 30 per cent by subscribing to monthly deliveries.

Buy now£10, ManKind

Kiehl’s Grooming Solutions Nourishing Beard Grooming Oil


Founded in New York City in 1851 as an old-world apothecary, Kiehl’s has been a go-to for over 170 years. While its women's range often steals the limelight, the cosmetics giant offers a great selection of men’s dedicated products too – especially when it comes to skincare.

It’s no surprise then that this oil is designed to soothe both your beard and the skin beneath it. Infused with salicylic acid, it will gently exfoliate to limit dryness and avoid any unwanted flakes.

Buy now£30, Kiehl’s

L’Occitane Cade Softening Beard Oil


You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who’s not heard of luxury French beauty company L'Occitane – and for good reason. Its hair, body, skincare and cosmetic products are some of the best in the business thanks to quality ingredients and effective blends. This time, it’s a mix of cade, sweet almond, rosemary, jojoba and castor oil which, together, create a deeply nourishing and softening formula that works for sensitive skin too.

Buy now£25, L’Occitane