10 anti-ageing products that actually work

From collagen powders to the new cult Lancôme moisturiser, beauty editor Edwina Ings-Chambers wouldn't be without these youth-prolonging picks

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Edwina Ings-Chambers selects her favourite anti-ageing skincare products
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Edwina Ings-Chambers25 October 2023

The term anti-ageing may be unwelcome in beauty these days — the Royal Society for Public Health, Vision, Voice and Practice is even calling on retailers to ban it. But whatever you call it — pro-ageing, ageing support, or simply great skincare — I have spent years experimenting. So, what are the 10 products that I think really make a difference?

Well, here they are. You may notice that a retinol (vitamin A) is not among them. No doubt some beauty stalwarts will chide me for saying so, but I just don’t get on well with retinol and I’ve spoken to enough scientific experts who have told me that although it is an excellent part of a skincare routine (especially as we get older) it doesn’t suit everybody.

As with anything, I say make your own decision based on what works for you.

Reome Active Recovery Broth


A relative newcomer on the beauty scene, this broth (think of it much like a serum) is packed with bio-ferments and is a real powerhouse. I have noticed incredible benefits to my skin including more hydration, looking plumper, more evenly toned, and more of a natural glow.

Buy now£75, Space NK

Slip silk mask


I always sleep in a silk eye mask and find it makes a massive difference to the amount of wrinkles and crinkles that I wake up with (and it helps me to sleep better too). If you add a silk pillowcase to the mix the benefits increase; this is partly because silk absorbs less moisture than cotton so your skin is less dehydrated by morning.

Buy now£50, Cult Beauty

Kiki Heath Marine Collagen powder

Kiki Health

I realise that depending on the research studies you look at you can find data to support the use of collagen supplements and also some less positively conclusive data. It’s also undeniable that ingestibles - or nutricosmetics - is a growing field in beauty care. Personally, I have found that taking this – I was introduced to it by a nutritionist who advised me to put it in a cup of black coffee each morning – has benefits to the look and feel of my skin and has strengthened nails too. So, I’m a fan.

Buy now£23.96, lookfantastic

Medik8 C-Tetra


An antioxidant (such as Vitamin C) to protect against free radicals is a key part of supporting skin and this serum is my favourite. It sinks straight in and gives good results on brightening and evening out skin tone and can help with fine lines too.

Buy now£34.50, Sephora

Sensai Total Lip Treatment


Of all the balms I’ve tried on my eternally dry lips – and yes, I’ve also tried skincare on them too – this is the one that really transforms them. A dab before bed and in the morning keeps them hydrated and happy. And happier, plumper-looking lips definitely helps to youthify things.

Buy now£95, Harrods

Sisley Phyto-Blanc Targeted Dark Spot Corrector


I was never bothered by dark spots until suddenly, almost overnight, I was. Two of them right in the middle of my cheeks drew my attention every time I looked in the mirror and bothered me far more than wrinkles. Well, this stuff - complete with a precise applicator - has made a difference. It isn’t time travel, don’t expect miracles, but it has made things look considerably better. Of course, you can always opt for a laser solution or the new Opus radiofrequency treatment that’s taking the industry by storm. Remember to be fastidious with SPF.

Buy now£126, John Lewis

The Inkey List Polyglutamic Acid Dewy Sunscreen SPF30

The Inkey List

Speaking of SPF, using one is key to defending against photo-ageing and this one is both affordable and excellent as it hydrates as well as protects. It lives up to its dewy name so great to use alone if you’re going makeup free but also acts as a good primer.

Buy now£11.24, lookfantastic

UK Lash Eyelash Serum


There’s nothing like long, luscious lashes on parade - without the need to rely on mascara – to feel as though you’re turning back the clock a bit and this serum almost feels like the work of witchcraft it’s so effective. Apply it once a day before bed and before a month is up you’ll be amazed at the difference in your lash flutterability.

Buy now£37.99, Sephora

111SKIN Miso Infusion Overnight Micro Mask


Excellent overnight treatment patches that plump up lines – I often slip one with my ‘11’ lines on my forehead and under my silk eye mask. I wouldn’t want to be without them.

Buy now£34, 111SKIN

Lancôme Renergie H.P.N. 300 Peptide Cream


I don’t often get over-excited about a new cream but when this launched earlier this year it was a rare exception. A great all-rounder for helping with hydration, firmness, skin tone, and fine lines.

Buy now£66.40, Lancôme