About commercial content

Evening Standard produces a range of content that is advertiser funded. Commercial content is labelled in one of the following ways:

“Advertisement Feature” / “Brand Post”

This content is paid for and controlled by an advertiser. In some cases the Evening Standard may have helped to produce the content, but the advertiser has final approval over and responsibility for the content. The content is regulated by the Advertising Standards Authority.

“In association with”

This content has been paid for by an advertiser, but it is controlled by the Evening Standard’s editorial staff. In some instances, an advertiser may provide funding for content that we already plan to produce (e.g. rugby match reports). Alternatively, the advertiser’s funding could help us to produce content that would not otherwise have been generated. Advertisers can suggest topics and their logo will normally appear at the top of the article. However, we produce the content and decide whether to publish it. It must comply with our editorial Code of Conduct.