111SKIN review: we tested the Harley Street skincare label

The scientific, doctor-led skincare label celebrates its 10 year anniversary

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Ellie Davis6 December 2023
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Named after its Harley Street address, 111SKIN was founded by renowned plastic surgeon Dr Yannis Alexandrides and CEO Eva Alexandridis.

The husband and wife duo combines their respective expertise (Dr Yannis in science, Eva in the sensorial aspects) to produce products borne out of the former’s pre and post-surgery rituals.


While the brand celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2023, marking when it was launched into the hallowed Harrods beauty hall, it dates back much further. “111SKIN is not just another skin brand. It was actually never meant to be a skin brand.” Dr Yannis explains. “Once I started my practice in London, I wanted to have products that would help patients heal after surgery, things that would make the whole experience of plastic surgery and non-surgical treatments better. The surgery is not a difficult time, it’s the recovery.”

Seeing the gap in the market for something that wasn’t overly medicinal but still tackled skin concerns, Dr Yannis teamed up with a group of European space scientists who were in the process of researching the ways to reverse the signs of ageing in space - and NAC Y² was born. This trademarked complex combines a unique and potent trio of peptides, amino acids, and vitamins and forms the basis of the brand’s first-ever product.

Dr Yannis reveals, “The Dramatic Healing Serum is a product that I still give to patients after surgery to use for a period of approximately six weeks, which is the important time for collagen regeneration. But patients didn’t want to stop there, they wanted to continue using it for a long time because they were so happy with the results - not just about the healing but about the quality of the skin. That created a problem for me because I was giving it out for free.”

Now boasting over 60 products, and six ranges and venturing into supplements and body, the surgically-led label has come a long way in a short amount of time. The collections are designed to be mixed and matched to personalise your routine. The Reparative does as it suggests, repairs against environmental and lifestyle aggressors that cause skin ageing. The Intensive is for those who have experienced some damage already or mature skin that needs extra care, while Regenerative takes inspiration from the brand’s Cryotherapy practices and is all about reducing inflammation, improving oxygenation and detoxifying. Clarity products target acne and blemish-prone skin (“I think it’s a big big problem. It’s not just about teenagers”), Radiance is all about that post-facial glow and Treatment comes directly from Dr Yannis’ clinic - “The masks have the advantage of delivering high amounts of ingredients in a short period of time”.

You have no doubt spotted the brand on your Instagram feed as the label’s instantly recognisable face and eye masks are often spotted in #BTS and #SelfcareSunday snaps on the likes of Victoria Beckham, Lady Gaga, Dakota Johnson, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Camilla Cabello - and that’s all in the last few months. It is also a favourite among beauty editors and influencers the world over.

111SKIN is likely as known for its products as it is for its spa offering – to which there are locations from Dubai to Crete so you can get your vacation 111SKIN fix. These include the luxury Adare Manor in Limerick, Ireland which is considered one of the finest resorts in the world and the host venue of the Ryder Cup 2027. The highlight is perhaps the Switzerland-based Burgenstock Hotels & Resort Alpine Spa – a location once frequented by the likes of Audrey Hepburn and Sophia Loren. The spa is one of the largest in the world, measuring 10,000 square metres. While your skin is being treated by one of the expert therapists and the treatment menu includes the transformative Celestial Black Diamond Non-Surgical Face Lift Facial, you are treated to a jaw-dropping view of Lake Lucerne - something you can then further enjoy from the infinity pool upstairs.

Alpine Spa at Bürgenstock Resort Lake Lucerne

So which 111Skin products deserve a place in your beauty cabinet? We detail the best of the brand below.

111SKIN Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Mask


This is hands-down the best sheet mask on the market. As a shopping editor who specialises in beauty, I know I am not supposed to play favourites but the results are unrivalled.

Never far from the skincare arsenal of Hollywood makeup artists, it’s a glow-giving product with no downtime that has become an essential before a big event - whether that includes a red carpet or not. Dr Yannis confirms this, “It’s a treatment at home and according to what the skin needs. It can be used either on a night that you stay in and we want the skin to recover, or use it before you go out.”

The ingredient line-up is filled with clinical-grade components like colloidal gold, peptides and rose damask that has a smoothing, plumping and radiance-boosting effect. These are set on the brand’s specialised hydrogel material that has a second-skin-like feel to lock in all the skincare goodness.

Price is for five.

Buy now£150, 111SKIN

111SKIN Y Theorem Repair Light Serum NAC Y²


The evolution of the product that began it all is this serum, a lighter iteration that is designed for everyday use. This formula isn’t as rich as the original and so works best for the summer months, layering under makeup or for those who prefer their skincare to be more breathable - while still packing the same efficacy.

The texture is gel-like and it glides across the complexion with ease, working to fade discolouration, minimise the appearance of wrinkles and protect against damage caused by external aggressors.

Front and centre is the NAC Y² complex that has been “clinically tested to improve wrinkles and pigmentation after four weeks”, according to Dr Yannis. “It’s a component that has very important amino acids, escin to improve oxygen delivery to skin, and glutathione, which is the master antioxidant in our body that protects skin from ageing and is used in medicine for a lot of different situations. Just to show how powerful it is, we give it in cases where patients receive chemotherapy. Glutathione is there to protect the healthy cells of our body from toxicity.”

A little goes a long way to revive skin.

Buy now£215, 111SKIN

111SKIN Antioxidant Energising Essence


Since I switched out my traditional toner for this powerhouse essence, I’ve noticed immediate improvements in the hydration of my skin. Toner formulas can be very drying, whereas this product packs in the moisture.

It also has antioxidant benefits, copper chlorophyll for repairing, aloe vera for calming and soothing, and giant kelp - an ingredient renowned for its anti-inflammatory and plumping.

Best of all, it preps and primes your skin for the next product in your skincare routine, so while it may cost more than your typical second-step skincare product, you’ll be maximising the potency of the rest of your routine.

Buy now£70, 111SKIN

111SKIN 3 Phase Anti-Blemish Booster


Why is it always when you’ve got something super important to do that a spot pops up? And why is this as prevalent an issue for adults as it is for teenagers?

While it may feel hopeless to stop their appearance, you can have this product on hand to douse the area with blemish-busting ingredients like salicylic acid, as well as kojic acid to tackle those marks that it leaves behind.

Buy now£90, 111SKIN

111SKIN The Y Theorem Concentrate


I love a strict routine when it comes to my skincare, otherwise I can be quite lazy and drop in and out of using products before I see their maximum impact, so I loved the idea of these seven-day ampules from the get-go.

Bringing the in-clinic experience to you, they are designed over a week to revive and strengthen the skin at a cellular level. The NAC Y² complex that you’ve read so much about is included so you can expect all the anti-ageing benefits too.

The treatments are available across the ranges, but this is for when you need to call in the big guns.

Dr Yannis adds about the seven-day supply, “This is the minimum. I usually recommend using them for 28 days because 28 days is the full cycle of skin and we see a big, big response. It really gives the freedom to choose and tailor to specific concerns, because some people have a combined problem, you might have hyperpigmentation and lines so you might want to use back to back”.

Buy now£125, 111SKIN

111SKIN Celestial Black Diamond Serum


The Black Diamond is part of the intensive range and therefore is suited best for mature skin types or for those who really need a big hitter in their skincare routine.

This serum is a multi-tasking Holy Grail to effectively tackle signs of ageing with a potent and clinical-grade ingredient line-up. The components include brightening liquorice root and soothing quebracho wood. While remaining lightweight in texture, it’s great for pigmentation, and uneven skin textures in a gradual, natural way. This is while hydrating at the same thanks to the inclusion of hyaluronic acid in the formula.

Buy now£390, 111SKIN

111SKIN Reparative Beauty Dose supplement 90 capsules


111SKIN is not the first label to stress the importance of supplements for nourishing from the inside-out but the idea behind its launch is very interesting.

”I find supplements very important. It’s something that I prescribe before surgery because I know this will make healing better”, stresses Dr Yannis.

There are three to date; Clarity, Intensive and Reparative. The latter of which contains NAC Y2 with those all-important antioxidants, heightened by vitamins C and E, and boosted further by coenzyme Q10. This combination is hugely beneficial to not just the skin but to the hair too. It also helps protect against the damage of sun exposure that can cause the likes of pigmentation.

Buy now£95, 111SKIN

111SKIN Meso Infusion Overnight Micro Mask


Demonstrating the 111SKIN innovation in one product is easy when it comes to these unique patches. Each one is made up of 150 micro cones that contain just hydrating hero hyaluronic acid and antioxidant-rich vitamin C. Place on frown lines, crow’s feet or anywhere that needs a revival.

This product mimics the in-clinic treatment of facial mesotherapy which usually requires an injection, but through this revolutionary cone system, it allows for better penetration than just applying to the surface of your skin - and there’s no downtime.

They are created in a medical facility and take inspiration from diabetes patches. Eva reveals its origins, “Dr Yannis brought it to us and challenged our whole team. He said "Let’s understand if we can make something like this for skincare because if we can deposit the ingredients into the skin, we can incorporate clinic treatments into skincare’ -and we were the first brand to launch something like this.

”We had to have shorter cones so it doesn’t go into the bloodstream. It just goes directly under the first layer of the skin”, she adds.

Buy now 111SKIN

Celestial Black Diamond Contour Gel


When you’re treating yourself to an at-home facial, this is the product you need to keep on hand. It is designed with a cooling applicator that you massage onto your eyelids to lift and sculpt - like Botox but no injectable is required.

When you’re in between tweakment appointments or to delay the need, call on this formula to target fine lines and wrinkles with a potent and concentrated punch.

Buy now£110, 111SKIN

111SKIN Celestial Black Diamond Lifting and Firming Treatment Mask


”The neck is the new face” declares Dr Yannis. After being constantly asked by his patients about their necks, 111SKIN’s co-founder decided to do something about it.

Alongside a cream, the brand launched this mask that does look slightly strange when applied alongside a face sheet mask but will help soothe worries about tech neck (sagging caused by looking down at our devices).

Using the signature hydrogel mask, it lathers the neck and decolletage with lifting and firming ingredients to plump up the skin - and it takes 20 minutes.

Buy now£20, 111SKIN

111SKIN Black Diamond Hand Cream


Best for: science-led hand care

Call in for reinforcements for the overexposed skin on your hands with 111SKIN. This hand cream is part of the Harley Street-based label’s Black Diamond collection, a range devoted to anti-ageing with diamond peptides included in the formulation.

This high-performance product uses this component for potency and sets it alongside a vegan elastin peptide, where the two work in tandem to encourage elasticity. Flower extract offers a hit of hydration, while vitamin C is rich in antioxidants to shield against external aggressors.

Buy now£65, 111SKIN